Rubato Videos

What are the rubato videos and how do I use them?

If an excerpt uses a lot of rubato and is unfamiliar, it can be tricky to anticipate the fluctuations of tempo and stay in sync with the orchestra. Rubato videos are intended to make this a little easier. I see them as reference videos - perhaps you might have the video running to one side on a tablet, while you read the excerpt from printed sheet music. By occasionally glancing at the video it is possible to get a sense of the shape of the rubato and anticipate the changes of tempo as they approach.

  • When a video is playing, a vertical white bar moves from left to right. This indicates the current position in the audio.
  • Bar lines are represented by the pale pinstripes in the background.
  • The up and down steps of the graph indicate changes of tempo. These steps are relative to one another: the higher the step the faster the tempo; the lower the step the slower it is.
  • A flat, horizontal line indicates a constant tempo.
Watch this clip from the rubato video for Rachmaninov's Symphony No. 2 to see it in action!

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